'Family Guy' Season 15 Air Date Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Will It Be The Griffin Family's Last Chapter? Seth MacFarlane To Focus On Another Show

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 08, 2016 02:59 AM EDT

"Family Guy" has been renewed for Season 15 and is set to be aired in fall. Unfortunately, this might be the last time the much-loved Griffin family will bring smiles and laughter in every home as this may be its last chapter.

It has been 15 years since "Family Guy" started to make every American family, and other races as well, happy, but everything needs to come to an end, according to Movie News Guide.

"Family Guy" Season 15 might be the final season of the adult animated sitcom as hinted by its creator, Seth MacFarlane.

Although it is not yet confirmed, Seth MacFarlane often said that he wants to put "Family Guy" to an end or just make a film adaptation from it. 

In fact, upon the renewal of "Family Guy" Season 15, Fox also announced another live-action series will be in the works in collaboration with Seth MacFarlane.

 17 years ago on this very day, a family we know of as "The Griffins" graced our televisions.

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Seth MacFarlane is set to do a sci-fi dramedy for Fox that might need all of his attention resulting to the final season of "Family Guy."

"Family Guy," composed of Daddy Peter, Mommy Lois, Brother Chris, Sister Meg, Baby Stewie and, of course, Brian the dog, has been on air for a long time and this might be the best time for the family to bid its last goodbye.

Movie Pilot cited that for the past 15 years "Family Guy" has been reusing its old jokes over and over again. Hence, the show is losing its originality.

In fact, some of the gags from "Family Guy" are also reused on Seth MacFarlane's directorial movies, "Ted" and "Ted 2."

The publication also noted that "Family Guy" shouldn't stick around like another long-running animated sitcom.

It looks like "Family Guy" is turning to be "The Simpsons," the cartoon comedy that started since 1989 and continuously airs.

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