‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Plans To End GPS Spoofing Shooting With Harsh Bans Soon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 06, 2016 10:32 AM EDT

The Pokemon Go craze continues but the same holds true as well for the "cheating." This is of course associated with the use of GPS spoofing which helps players fake their location as they go on the hunt for those elusive Pokemon characters.

Just recently, Niantic applied a patch that shut the door on third-party app “Pokevision”. It officially went down last week with no guarantee of returning. Much of that was covered in a recent post which you can read here.

There have been new apps out in the open since, all with the intent of helping out “Pokemon Go” players. Apps like “SmartPoke 2” have come out though not in the same caliber as “Pokevision”, GameSpot reported.

Niantic means business

Regardless of which app comes out to aid “Pokemon Go” players, the fact remains that resorting to such is a violation of the Niantic’s terms of use. The company has yet to do something drastic such as banning players but all that could be forthcoming.

Other “Pokemon Go” players have been airing their grievances and from the looks of it, Niantic is finally cracking the whip. CEO John Hanke bared that a solution is underway to ensure that the game is played the right way without cheats via Twitter.

Game servers affected by spoofs?

From the point of view of a “Pokemon Go” gamer, using these third party apps look harmless. But the fact is that aside from it being a form of cheating, it affects game servers.

 Could bans be forthcoming?

The obvious punishment for it all is seeing Niantic ban players from the game. It could be temporary or permanent with the repercussions depending on the severity of abuse.

“Pokemon Go” recently went live in 15 more countries in Asia excluding India/ China. With a growing list of players, it will be interesting how Niantic can control this measure. Banning may seem harsh but given the millions of players into the craze, it may hardly matter on the company’s end.

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