'Harry Potter GO' App Release Date & Updates: Awesome Fanmade Trailer Shows What It's Like To Catch Fantastic Beasts [Watch]

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 17, 2016 08:38 PM EDT

The Harry Potter-inspired film, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them," is set to release soon. In anticipation of the upcoming movie and drawing some inspiration from the hit mobile game "Pokemon Go," a trailer for a potential "Harry Potter Go" game was created, giving fans a glimpse of how the project would look like if it actually happens.

A "Harry Potter Go" trailer was recently featured by Stargaze Media, which is quite similar to the popular game by Niantic Labs. The video started with the Marauder's Map and showcases the many in-game features such as the different houses at the magical academy, gathering magic cards, catching fantastic beasts and interacting with other wizards. Although the trailer was initially made to entertain both Harry Potter and "Pokemon Go" fans, the game creator actually thought that it may be a good idea to make an actual "Harry Potter Go" game.

Morning Ledger reported that the "Harry Potter Go" trailer successfully reached Niantic. Marcus Figueroa, senior developer at Niantic, announced that they acquired the rights to a potential "Harry Potter Go" game and are working on the new title to cater to the huge demand from fans. Figueroa continued that they had plans involving the schools of witchcraft and wizardry, a quest system and massive interactive events. However, the team has yet to officially plan the "Harry Potter Go" project.

Niantic reportedly aims to launch "Harry Potter Go" early in 2017, although they are most likely keeping the schedule and game details a secret until they have a more solid plan. Currently, the developing game title is Maguss, set in a world of wizardry. Maguss is said to function with a tangible wand too, which means that it will not be completely similar to "Pokemon Go" and include special elements that are unique to the novels by J.K. Rowling.

Cinema Blend stated that a "Harry Potter Go" mobile game would be a great way to attract fans of the books and movie franchise once again. Harry Potter also has a large and very dedicated group of followers whom Niantic can capitalize on by introducing "Harry Potter Go." Even new players can find the game quite engaging and a great way to discover the world of wizardry even if they have not read the books or watched the films. More updates and details on "Harry Potter Go" are expected soon.

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