‘Minecraft’ vs. ‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Which World Is Really Infinite?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 18, 2016 12:39 PM EDT

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky’ is currently making waves due to its massive space exploration pitch, a game that seems repeatedly stressed as massive that includes 18 quintillion planets.

The set number alone is daunting though “No Man’s Sky” may not necessarily be the sole game to offer infinite worlds. Before Hello Games unveiled the massive space exploration adventure, “Minecraft” was already around and offering the same unlimited exploring options.

Mojang’s “Minecraft” has of course been around and the game has captivated gamers throughout all game platforms. Though different in some ways, one has to wonder which game really offers the ‘biggest game’.

Quintillion bigger than Quadrillion

As far as which game is bigger, it is obvious that “No Man’s Sky” boasts of a bigger figure. For math geeks, a quadrillion is obviously a whole lot smaller compared to quintillions. As Kotaku points out, “for every block in the “Minecraft” world, such translates to twenty planets in “No Man’s Sky’s” universe.

But other than the infinite worlds, there is also the issue of which game offers the best performance and quality. Right now, it is obvious that Hello Games has the advantage. Gameplay between “No Man’s Sky” and “Minecraft” is glaringly different and that technically hints at the recent space exploration game taking the lead.

Quality or Quantity? Which will last longer?

However, game stability still goes to “Minecraft”. Though Mojang has its share of bugs and fixes, it has been around long enough to prove that it is a game that has millions hooked on to it.

“No Man’s Sky” is not that perfect, having hiccups right on day one. Hence, the battle may not be in the infinite worlds but on how gamers will enjoy and stick to the game. It may take some time to figure that out but as far as longevity is concerned, “Minecraft” has a more established game play for now.

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