Samsung Quantum Dot with G-Sync Gaming Monitors in 2017; Freesync Launches Ahead

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 09, 2016 02:51 AM EDT

Samsung unveils 2017's array of gaming monitors packed with Quantum Dot for ultra-high definition gaming and 4K support. G-Sync and FreeSync are the heart of these products.

Samsung aims to provide wide color display similar to rival OLED technology in LG monitors. Curved gaming monitors are going to be the cornerstone of Samsung Quantum Dot next year either withG-Sync or Freesync. The latter will offer gamers with "inexpensive" choice which intends for free integration. G-Sync however, needs additional hardware to compliment Nvidia but provides sharper images.

Best guess is, Samsung will flood the market with Freesync gaming monitors before the year ends because it is cost-friendly. G-Sync Quantum Dot will then be available on select models by 2017 to cater those who can afford to shell out funds, according to PCGamesN.

Needless to say, Samsung recommends G-Sync above Freesync if the gamer's purpose is to run 4K titles. Again, G-Sync is all upside in display quality but cost more due to licensing and chip cost.

To fully explain what Samsung Quantum Dot is, think of a regular LCD monitor but with better backlighting. This trick will result to impressive depth in colors, giving sharper and life-like images.

Good backlight also allows brighter images, enhancing tones and overall contrast. Samsung gaming monitors equipped with Quantum Dot is said to be a quarter better that standard sRGB.

Even the Samsung monitors in 2015 that sport SUHD receives positive reviews from KitGuru, calling the experience "best I've ever seen on a display." This makes 2017 Quantum Dot suffer the pressure of surpassing the previous display quality.

Now for gamers who are looking for the best choice, wait for Samsung Ultra Wide CF971. This particular model receives excellent reception when Samsung boasts Quantum Dot monitors during Berlin IFA electronics event. CF971 sports really great curve at 100Hz refresh rate.

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