‘One Piece’ Chapter 841 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Sanji To Unleash His Full Potential? Just How Powerful Are The Vinsmokes?

Sep 23, 2016 08:12 AM EDT | By Mark Jason Alcala

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  • After discovering his genetic potential and relieving the horrors his family put him through when he was little, will Sanji finally find the strength and harness it in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 841?
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"One Piece" Chapter 841 is expected to arrive sometime next week. Fans are all hyped up what new developments the upcoming chapter could bring, considering the exciting revelations dished out in the previous "One Piece" Chapter 840.

'One Piece' Chapter 841 Spoilers - The Abilities Of The 'Superior' Vinsmokes Siblings

In the recent "One Piece" Chapter 840, it was finally revealed that Sanji and his sibling are but the end result of numerous genetic experimentations. In fact, their father who is revealed to be a scientist, called all five of them his greatest creations of all time. According to "One Piece" Chapter 841, more is expected to be revealed about Sanji's siblings, which will explain why their father have such high hopes for his children and creations.

It now appears that their father's genetic tinkerings are geared only at one thing - to produce an offsprings that excel in the field of combat. As products of the most advanced scientific breakthroughs and genetic engineering, their father expects them to exhibit skills above and beyond normal human limitations. Will fans finally see what abilities Sanji's siblings possess that their father is so proud of in "One Piece" Chapter 841?

The 'Failure' Sanji Could Live Up To His Genetic Lineage In 'One Piece' Chapter 841?

"One Piece" Chapter 840 also confirms what was previously speculated by GamenGuide - that the Vinsmokes just considered Sanji to be a cloning mistake. It was shown that the Germa 66 scientist who was monitoring the progress of the Vinsmokes siblings was perplexed why Sanji failed to progress as spectacularly as the rest. In fact, towards the end of Chapter 840, the conclusion the scientist had on Sanji was that he is just a normal kid, despite his genes being successfully modified, prompting his father to imprison Sanji being a simple waste of space and air. But this hasty conclusion could be challenged in the coming "One Piece" 841.

However, "One Piece" Chapter 841 spoilers predict that something could activate Sanji's long dormant genetic potential. Perhaps, it is his new knowledge of this potential or the threat hanging on the head of his mentor or his hatred for what everything the Vinsmokes stood for that would trigger it.

Or it could be a combination of all three factors. But, when "One Piece" 841 release date comes, Sanji is bound to show his siblings as well as their father just what this "failure" is capable of.

"One Piece" Chapter 841 release is expected to happen sometime next week. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for exciting updates. 

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