iOS 10 Jailbreak Rumors: Lucas Todesco Ready To Share iPhone 7 Hack Claim

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 27, 2016 11:10 AM EDT

A couple of weeks ago, independent hacker Lucas Todesco drew a lot of attention when he showed an iPhone 7 jailbroken. That included a working Cydia 1.1.26 already installed which goes against the previous claim but the iOS 10 was hard to jailbreak.

For now, the iOS 10 jailbreak being waived by Todesco is considered nothing more than a fake. A lot of that has something to do with the fact that he has not shared his accomplishment, something that established hacking groups and Pangu or TaiG normally do for the benefit of the Apple jailbreaking community.

The latest word though is that Todescos is simply fine-tuning the iOS 10 jailbreak before rolling it out to the public. He gave no timetable on when that could be so again, all of it is hearsay. Hence, no official iOS 10 jailbreak does exist outside that one showed off by Pangu at MOSEC 2016.

Will the latest iOS updates render jailbreaks useless?

Apple released a couple of updates, the last of which was iOS 10.0.2. As mentioned in a previous post, the update was released to address audio problems tied up to calls on the iPhone 7.

There was no mention if security issues came with it, per a previous post. Even if there were, it is likely that the patches would be minor. So would this be a concern for hackers working on an iOS 10 jailbreak?

In a sense it may since the operating system infrastructure has been altered. The extent of that is however unknown. The safe bet is that hackers will need to go through the notes and see what other issues were addressed with iOS 10.0.2, with emphasis on security fixes. There is current a new issue in the air and this has something to do with a security breach uncovered by Elcomsoft. Apple is aware of it and is expected to roll out another update soon.

That said, such pushes Todesco, Pangu or even TaiG further back with an iOS 10 jailbreak turning out to be useless. Even if they release a crack, it may only be of use to Apple owners who have opted to stick to iOS 10 for now. Seeing that the updates are tied up with security, the number of users going down this route may not be plenty.

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