Review: Devil May Cry - Great Game, Far Better Than Expected

By Vamien McKalin email: , Updated Jan 30, 2013 09:01 AM EST

With all the bad press the Devil May Cry reboot has been getting from fans of the game, one would come to expect this game to be worse of the worst. However, that is not the case. Devil May Cry is a great hack and slasher, and with a Dante that looks completely different from the previous.

Capcom has always tried to make its Devil May Cry series look cool among fans, and such was the case before the reboot. Back then, Dante stood tall with his white hair along with his cool moves on the battlefield, he also looked a bit girly, but no one minded that too much The new Dante is more manly in his attire, the only problem is, he talks a lot and too many times profanity escape from his mouth.

The game begins with some demon going after Dante while he sleeps in his home trailer. Things escalated quickly and in no time, the game brings you into the fight. The first thing you'll notice if you've played previous Devil May Cry games, is that the combat and the feel of the game is similar, which begs the question - why are fans angry?

If you've come here looking for a well-told story, you'll be a bit disappointed in what Capcom has brought to the table. The story in Devil May Cry centers around Dante who is tasked with taking down a powerful ruler of the underworld, the same ruler his father defeated 2,000 years ago. The plot is very generic to say the least, but that won't matter much once you began to slaughter demons left, right and center.

Just simply moving your character on screen along with performing awesome attacks, is a complete blast of entertainment. In no time you'll forget how bad the story and dialogue are, as you'll be too deep into the combat to care about anything else.

There's a huge variety of enemies to slash into nothingness, along with an increasing array of combat skills to try out. Like many hack and slash games, Devil May Cry requires skills to truly enjoy the game to its fullest potential. When you're up against several enemies coming at you from all sides, the aim is to dispose of these baddies along with earning that coveted SSS rank.

Despite being super fun to play, Devil May Cry does come with some drawbacks (apart from the shallow story telling). When dealing with a large number of enemies, things can be quite difficult more than it needs to be since there is no dedicated lock-on button. Also, sometimes the camera angle is all over the place. But it's no big deal because you won't notice it much.

Fans of the new Devil May Cry game might not be pleased with some aspects of the game. This is mainly due to Dante's new look rather than anything else, which is very immature and foolish. The constant bickering by long time fans of the game is getting stale. One should just simply enjoy the game and not crucify it for being different.

Devil May Cry reboot is worth playing. So go and get it.

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