'Civ IV' Designer Heads To Stardock

By Kamau High , Updated Mar 01, 2013 10:56 PM EST

Soren Johnson, the lead designer on beloved RTS "Civilization IV," is joining Stardock Entertainment "for a while," says a post on the company's forums from Stardock CEO Brad Wardell.

"We’ve brought on board someone many of you know – Soren Johnson (designer of "Civilization IV") who has come to Stardock, at least for awhile, to oversee the design of all our games...I think his impact on our upcoming (think 2014/2015/2016) will be pretty obvious," Wardell writes.

In addition to working on "Civ IV" with industry legend Sid Meirs Johnson, who is most assuredly not pictured above,  went on to work with Will Wright at EA on "Spore." In 2011 he made the surprising move to Zynga, best known as the makers of "Farmville," where he was working on secret game. As Zynga pivots into a more social gambling focused company it is shedding offices and talent. The Boston office, which Johnson worked out of, was closed on Monday reports Gamasutra.

It remains unclear what Johnson will work on at Stardock.

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