MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, News & Update: Specs & Features Will Eliminate Acer Swift 7 & Microsoft Surface Pro?

By Danae Parker , Updated Oct 16, 2016 10:49 PM EDT

For tech enthusiasts, the release of MacBook Pro 2016 would surely set the tone on positive grounds. Claims have surfaced that the specs and features of the mighty MacBook Pro 2016 would decapitate and eliminate Acer Swift 7 and Microsoft Surface Pro from the market.

Although it has not been fully verified, tech enthusiasts are expecting great things from MacBook Pro 2016. Some are hoping that great innovations would outpace other computer devices already released on the market. As for the rumors that Apple's device would outshine Acer Swift 7 and Microsoft Surface Pro, that remains to be seen.

In regards to the specs and features of the MacBook Pro 2016, many are projecting that it would incorporate the latest processor, the trendiest upgrades and a whole lot more. Another rumored spec of the device was formerly mentioned by GamenGuide.

The report said that feature-wise, the new MacBook Pro 2016, under speculations, will be featuring an OLED touch-sensitive display as well as a dynamic set of function keys and the OLED display is speculated to replace the present row of physical function keys.

The latter, on the other hand, will showcase a virtual representation of the standard keys according to the task to be carried out by the user, according to the same post. Also, the upgraded feature of the MacBook Pro 2016 also centers on the USB ports, the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensors and the updated Mac OS 10.12.1.

Despite the rumored specs and features for the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple has not given any heads-up regarding the devices and its features. Although there are some projected innovations for the tech gear, no confirmation has been given to support the presumptions.

For the other tech enthusiasts, the situation of the MacBook Pro 2016 is not heading on a positive tone. Dire as it may seem, the device and its release date is easier said than done, reports Forbes.

As for the release date of the MacBook Pro 2016, there has been no definitive details regarding its release in the tech stalls. Dire as it may seem, the device and its release date is easier said than done.

In the meantime you can check out the price for all the previous Macbook Pro here.

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