‘Battlefield 1’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Win in Battlefield I With Ease? More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Kaye Reese , Updated Oct 23, 2016 07:10 AM EDT

"Battlefield 1" is just starting to roll out across the world since Oct. 21, and already it's receiving glowing commendations. The reinvention of the series to highlight the arcane turbulence of the First World War, while adding a human element to it, has earned the series much more gravitas. Furthermore, the impressive campaign emphasized in Battlefield I is all the more reason for players to clear out the shelves for this latest iteration of the franchise.

Of course, "Battlefield 1" players will want to know how to launch a successful military campaign. Here's a list of all the tips, tricks and cheat to win Battlefield I and "Battlefield I multiplayer.

Use Assault Class

First tip and trick to win "Battlefield 1:" For beginners as well as veterans, Assault class is the way to go on the game. It's capable of equipping the player with a variety of weapons that cause heavy damage to vehicles, like rockets, dynamites and mines. Gamespot recommends using this class on Battlefield I, since this is very similar to the Engineer class from past Battlefield iterations. It's also the easiest way to take down tanks.

Earning a medal to earn more XP

Another tip and trick to win "Battlefield 1" is to earn medals for XP points. According to the official Battlefield website, there are 34 medals to be won in Battlefield I. There are three or five stages that need to be completed to earn one, and unlocking one will give you an XP bonus. Players can win the same medal on Battlefield I over a hundred times, which means more XP bonus. To win, however, players will have to excel in different fields in Battiefield I. For example, the "Legion of Glory" medal requires that they play several classes.

Spending warbonds wisely

Warbonds are an essential tip and trick to winning "Battlefield 1" since they're used to unlock weapons, gadgets and vehicles in the game. Gamespot recommends that it's important to pace spending and not to use it on niche classes like the Tanker and Pilot, and instead invest heavily on the four main classes on "Battlefield 1."

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