'Titanfall 2' News, Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Win The Game? More Gameplay Details, Game Secrets Revealed; All Maps, Modes Free!

By Kaye Reese , Updated Oct 24, 2016 08:00 AM EDT

The highly anticipated first person shooter game, "Titanfall 2," is set to hit the shelves on Oct. 28. Early reviews and glimpses of the game tease out a much-improved gameplay as well as several new features that are bound to excite fans of the franchise.

For sure, aspiring "Titanfall 2" players will want to get ahead of the pack once it gets out. Here's the lowdown of everything you need to know about the upcoming Respawn video game: tips and tricks on how to win in "Titanfall 2," new features players should know about, bonuses, and more.

First change: six new Titans

One of the biggest changes in "Titanfall 2" is the changes in the number of models you can work with. According to a pre-review by Eurogamer.net, players can now choose between six titans with their own special abilities. One tip and trick for winning "Titanfall 2" is for players to either blow up a Titan for the battery on its cranium or befriend one and power it up with a shield.

Who are the new titans on "Titanfall 2"? There's Ronin, who is an electric katana-wielding Titan with teleportation powers, which could come in handy when players try to siege their enemies. Another titan named Scorch, on the other hand, is a fire Titan and can incinerate enemies. Ion, meanwhi, has a giant laser on his head, while Legion is equipped with a minigun. Lastly, there's Northstar, a sniper Titan with the ability to fly, and Tone, who can unleash fury.

All maps, modes are free

Another tip and trick for players: "Titanfall 2" also promises that all maps and modes are free for multiplayer upon launch. No need for players to get season passes as well as splitting up the community. Once they buy "Titanfall 2," they can get access to a full single player campaign, multiplayer and longterm support. Preordering "Titanfall 2" will also allow gamers to play the game three days before the launch on Nov. 28.

New Networks

"Titanfall 2" will also be introducing networks, which allows friends to get together according to their gameplay and preferences. Now friends can meet up and earn merits together as well as establish social connections in multiplayer.

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