'Civilization 6' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 6 Amazing Hacks to Dominate the Game Early and Jumpstart Your Civ Easily! More Gameplay Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 26, 2016 08:37 AM EDT

"Civilization 6" has proven to be a brand new yet familiar game in all its glory. Expand your territory, conquer lands, and grow your civ easily with these tips and tricks that will make your civ the greatest one in no time.

Water Settlement

Access to fresh water should always be the first main concern upon starting a city in "Civilization 6." You should settle near a river or by the coast. Also, with the settler selected, take note of the overlay that would pop up to highlight the tiles which are best for water. Do remember that housing and amenities are crucial in "Civilization 6."

Scouting Game

Always build a scout for their bonuses and exploring the map of "Civilization 6." They could also establish the terrain early on, which would help a lot upon later expansion of the empire. It is also important to know if there are close city-states, barbarians, or rival leaders. Stalk barbarians first to find out their encampment, and raid goody huts for bonuses.

Research Boosts

"Civilization 6" allows research boost via the technology tree. This will then detail the steps to be taken to gain the boost. These will be so much useful in the long run, so it is good practice to always work toward these objectives.

Maximize Builders

The builders in "Civilization 6" are not merely the workers from the previous iterations. While they almost function the same, builders only have a limited usage number, which is set at three by default. With this, keep in mind the layout of everything in the city to fully maximize the builders' resources.

Trading Industry

Scouting will definitely yield to the discovery of another civilization or city-state at some point. "Civilization 6" players can then send out a trader to this discovered neighbor if you have the cultural research of Foreign Trade. This would enhance the relations between the two settlements and eventually bring advantages such as food and gold. Station a military troop along the route so traders don't fall victim to barbarians.

Explore the UI

The user interface of "Civilization 6" has definitely been improved over its predecessors. It has been stuffed with a lot of useful tools and guides to jumpstart your adventure. The mini-map could then be used to toggle resource and yield icons for better decision-making.

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