‘No Man's Sky' Odd Tweet Sends Flurry of Doubts; Sean Murray Answer’s Back

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 29, 2016 02:37 AM EDT

There's Hello Games and then there's their latest project, "No Man's Sky." Despite its big reveal, followed by a successful launching, the game suffered undeniable glitches that forced the developer to take desperate action. Now, a new but rather confusing tweet tends to destroy the game's carefully rebuilt reputation when it came out as a post saying, "No Man's Sky Was a Mistake."

Hello Games has since removed the post from their page and locked down their twitter to prevent further damage. Avid fans never believed it, and has even considered it as a form of hacking. But the game developer came clean saying, it was a tweet from inside and a "disgruntled" employee sent out the post. Whether Hello Games is doing well with the development or not, it shows in the series of confusing tweets.

Furthermore, an email to Polygon, said to have been from Sean Murray's account said "The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well." Murray has not responded to calls for a reply. However, his twitter account that remained unresponsive since August 28, sent out two messages in the wake of the deleted tweet.

His post said, "Server hacked. We're bringing Mr Robot Episodes as quickly as we can looking for answers. Ep05 is a cracker." The post was followed by two more tweets that seemed suspicious as well. Clearly, the confusing statement came from an insider and with only 16 employees at hand, it shouldn't be hard for Hello Games to trace who the culprit is.

"No Man's Sky" has been on the verge of closing down. But Hello Games took the responsibility of fixing the problem, to a point where fans felt they have been abandoned for their lack of response to queries.

Are you confident that "No Man's Sky" will be able to return on track? Don't miss the upcoming updates from Hello Games by reading them here on GameNGuide.

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