Preload 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' and Be One of The First Players To Experience The Game on Launching

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 03, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

This is not your ordinary Pokemon game, at least not on the idea of having to wait for it until launch date. According to the latest news online, fans can preload the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game and get some exciting freebies. Not only that, but the pre loaded game will instantly give players access to the game when it launches soon.

Unfortunately, the preload feature is only available to certain regions mainly Australia, Japan, North America and Europe. Their instant access to the game's digital play will set them apart from the conventional players who choose to wait until the game arrives mid November.

According to Siliconera, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game has a total of 3.2GB of file size and players who will preload the game will get instant 12-Quick Balls that they can use in the game. As interesting as it may seem, the hype on the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was briefly marred by the leaked data mining that happened on the game's first official demo.

Apparently, some significant information about the game were leaked before its launching. These information include the complete Pokedex, Alolan forms and the Mega Evolutions in the game. Certainly after that, more leaked info were released including the starter of the game and more. Nevertheless, the leak didn't quite put off players are recently, Nintendo announced that the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the most pre ordered game in the history of the company.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game is scheduled for release on the 18th of November worldwide, whereas its European fans will have to wait until the 28th of November to receive the game. Are you excited to try the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game? Make sure to get the latest news and update here on GameNGuide.

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