‘Pokemon GO’ Gameplay, Game Features & News: Lapras Set to Help Japan’s Tourism; Niantic to Spawn Mew or Mewtwo Soon?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 12, 2016 02:43 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" had everyone glued to their smartphones, which to some isn't a very bright idea. However, Niantic is bent on redeeming itself from such negativity, and now an event is set to prove off-putting criticisms wrong.

In what seems to be a rather stirring move, the company is spawning Lapras on the coastlines of Fukushima Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, and Miyagi Prefecture. To recall, these areas were the most affected in the 2011 Tsunami. "Pokemon GO" players will have the chance to grab the hard-to-find Pokemon and help tourism at the same time.

"Pokemon GO" has been toying with spawns ever since. The nest-switching at first was hard to get used to, and hunting for these adorable monsters has reached the point where players began discovering new areas in their respective cities. Some have even crawled their way into some obscure alleys just to cast their Pokeballs. In Halloween, a very specific Pokemon was spawned, plus we have super-nests that appear out of nowhere. Now come the Lapras, an event for a good cause whose goal crosses the boundaries of your new daily quest.

The goal of the event is to help tourism in the struggling areas. If you're somewhere near Fukushima, Iwata, or Miyagi, buying a few Pokeballs wouldn't hurt. Meanwhile, the rest of the world would appear to be biting their elbows off, as Lapras is not only the most powerful but one of the rarest as well in "Pokemon GO."

Given not all are of Japan or can fly there anytime soon, "Pokemon GO" players who live nearby are encouraged to participate in the activity. The event is getting a lot of positive response lately, and fans have been suggesting that similar events should be conducted all over the world.

The event may also serve as a promotional platform to get people watch out for legendary Pokemon in the near future, as suggested by Forbes. Spawning events might become a regular thing for "Pokemon GO," a thing that players should definitely anticipate to catch super rare types like Mew or Mewtwo.

One thing's for sure as of now is that there are guaranteed Lapras in targeted areas in Japan. More "Pokemon GO" updates will be delivered next week, so tune in.

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