'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: Tornado Spell Finally Released! Slow Tanks & Kill Numerous Minions with Elite Barbarian?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 19, 2016 11:42 AM EST

"Clash Royale" just released a spell that has been talked about by fans and players alike. This spell is the Tornado spell which is a useful spell that grabs, slows, and damages any deployed unit from the opposing side.

Not just the spell makes the grand entrance of the release, but also the new unit that will be better than Skeletons, Normal Minions, or weaker units----this will be the Elite Barbarians. These Elite Barbarians will make gameplay even challenging among opponents who hold it, especially with the Tornado spell, which is a game changer.

About the Tornado spell and Elite Barbarians

Tornado spells last for only a few seconds, but deal massive area damage when used wisely. Players can level up this spell in "Clash Royale" and depend on the level, the spell is more catastrophic when it is maxed or in the highest level. However, the downfall about this tornado spell is that it cannot attack or damage castles and towers.

As seen from Orange Juice Gaming's video, "Clash Royale" tornado spell is quite the game changer indeed because it sucks and slows enemies deployed that will attack your castle and towers. By sucking and slowing it, it deals damage equivalent on the level of the tornado spell. Weaker minions and units attacked by the spell will surely vanish when the spell is activated. The spell can be bought by 400 gems and players receive 10 stacks of it.

The Elite Barbarian

Another unit is also revealed in "Clash Royale" is the Elite Barbarian. Now, this unit may be deployed in numbers to tank confuse towers and further destroy enemies. Elite barbarians have 420 HP, 73 damage per second, and costs 6 elixirs to deploy. These units are stronger than normal barbarians, which is great because players can advance their attacks with these new barbarians. More details can be found from the related post from iTech.

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