Halo Mysteries Continue: Microsoft Registers 'Halo: Spartan Assault' Domains

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 02, 2013 04:48 PM EDT

Looks like Microsoft is really looking to move forward on their exclusive FPS series, Halo, but in what way, no one's quite certain. The company registered a slew of domains under the name "Spartan Assault" with MarkMonitor late last month.

According to Fusible, the domains include SpartanAssault.net, HaloSpartanAssault.com, Halo-SpartanAssault.com, Halo-SpartanAssault.net, and HaloSpartanAssault.net. Names for the main franchise of Halo games traditionally have been a bit simpler, so Spartan Assault is either a new game outside of the main series, or possibly related to the live-action TV series to be directed by Steven Spielberg, information for which hasn't surfaced as of yet.

For those not aware, "Spartan" is the term used to describe Halo's super soldiers of which Master Chief, Halo's chief protagonist, is a member.

More recently, a listing for something called Halo Bootcamp popped up on the Korean Game Rating Board, which seems to rule out the possibility that Spartan Assault is a game. The description provided in the rating described it as a "PC online game," with Microsoft listed as the publisher. A Microsoft spokesperson said only that, "It is not related to our Xbox One efforts, or the Reclaimer Saga, but rather a project we're very enthusiastic about and will have more to say about in the near future." From the title alone, it sounds like it could potentially be a prequel for John-117, his time before he was the legendary Master Chief, or maybe just what sort of training UNSC Spartans had to go through. One theory that was presented was that it could have something to do with a spin-off novel, "Halo: Fall of Reach: Boot Camp," by Reed Ruiz.

E3 is only a few days away, and while Microsoft has said it will focus more on games, we're hopeful that some Halo mysteries concerning Spartan Assault, Bootcamp, and some information for the TV show will be revealed as well. With Halo 4 as the beginning of the Reclaimer trilogy, there's also a good chance we'll finally get something on Halo 5 as well, but as far as the goes, we have a few ideas of our own. We'll keep you posted as information comes to light.

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