‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Six Amazing Gameplay Tricks To Dominate The Game Early & Be A Pokemon Master

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 22, 2016 09:03 AM EST

The much-anticipated video game "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has just been released. Aspiring Pokemon masters, however, need to conquer the game early on, so here are some tips on how to get the best possible start in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Pokemon Refresh

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" had introduced a new system that lets the trainers interact with the Pokemon. While in previous installments, items are used to heal the status ailments of your Pokemon, the new Pokemon Refresh will then help the trainer get rid of them. Status effects that persist after battle, like poison, will enable a tab to appear on the screen. There will then be a mini-game in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" allowing the player to cure the Pokemon.

Building Friendship

The Pokemon Refresh feature in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will give the player several options to interact with the Pokemon. Trainers could groom, feed, or pet the Pokemon. Their affection, fullness, and enjoyment charts could also be viewed here. High affection could result to positive effects in combat, such as enduring a potential one-hit kill from the enemy Pokemon.

Pokemon Battle Information

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gives the trainers a lot of information about their Pokemon and the opponents by just a click. The type, the effectiveness, the buffs, and all ways to defeat a Pokemon could be accessed here. This is a good way to ultimately master the type dynamics in the game.

Poke Ride Shortcuts

The new Poke Ride system in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" effective replaces the HMs in previous generations. With the designated Ride Pokemon, players can then fly, scale boulders, or do other tasks. They can then be assigned shortcuts on the D-pad, allowing the trainers to access them easily.

Maximizing Inventory

The free space in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the Favorites list. The most frequently used items by the players could be transferred here for easier access. This could become handy whenever a battle ensues, as efficiency is tantamount to victory.

Free Munchlax

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" actually gives away a free Munchlax to the trainers who click the free mystery gif on the main menu. It can then be searched on the Internet, where a Munchlax and a Snorlium Z would be granted. The Snorlax could then be given the Snorlium Z, which is its exclusive Z-move.

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