Microsoft Edge Latest News & Update: Known Windows 10 Browser Application To Launch On iOS, Android?

By M PEO , Updated Nov 25, 2016 09:07 AM EST

Microsoft hinted last Tuesday that there could be a possibility that its infamous Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser will be available on Android and iOS. Apparently, the plan is gaining approval from the tech community.

It is no secret that Microsoft Edge browser is exclusive only to the Windows 10 platform. But, the recent unofficial survey of technology strategists Fahad Al-Riyami says otherwise. Using his Twitter account, he asked the tech community if they wanted to see Microsoft Edge browser on Android and iOS. There is a total of 407 people who responded and 85 percent of them said "Yes" and only 15 percent said "No."

According to Softpedia, last year Microsoft had no intentions of porting Microsoft Edge to other platforms. It clearly stated that the Microsoft Edge browser would exclusively remain to Windows 10 platform, not even bring it to previous versions of Windows.

In addition, Microsoft wants to bring Microsoft Edge browser for mobile devices with Windows 10 OS. But, the tech giant is still developing the browser to make it more effective and useful despite the mobile device's screen size display and battery challenges.

Following Microsoft's statement, the company wanted to make use of its Microsoft Edge browser first on Windows 10 across all devices that have the OS. Exploring the possibility of porting the application to Android and iOS could take time not unless everything is smooth with Windows devices.

Furthermore, it will be a bad strategy for Microsoft to introduce its Microsoft Edge browser to Android and iOS while it's continuing to neglect users with older Windows OS. Microsoft should also consider some features that are lacking on the Microsoft Edge browser on a computer before porting it to other platforms, Ghacks reported.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge browser still continues to develop, especially with the upcoming Creators update. It is expected that Microsoft will integrate new features in the browser that will be unique to other browsers. As of the moment, this is just an unofficial survey, but who knows it can still be a possibility.


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