'Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Update 1.5 Release Date, News & Details: PS4 Platform to Receive the Update On Tuesday?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 25, 2016 07:39 PM EST

Tom Clancy's "The Division" Update 1.5 may soon arrive on the PS4 console. According to reports, the update that PC and Xbox One gamers are currently enjoying is expected to arrive on the PS4 next Tuesday. In a video gameplay narrated by Arekkz, it was hinted that the update will arrive more or less on the mentioned day of the week.

Of course, this has not been confirmed by Ubisoft and everything else will have to be announced soon. Nevertheless, the news about "The Division" Update 1.5 coming to the PS4 next week is something, fans might one to watch out for. Unfortunately for this update to begin, PS4 players may need to wait for the Survival DLC 30-day Xbox One exclusivity to expire before they can start expecting the update.

In a recent statement released by Ubisoft featured on PCGamesn, they explained how they came up with "The Division" Update 1.4. It came to their understanding that, before they can entice their fans with a totally new content, it came to their understanding that, they need to address the bugs that marred the game, make it as smooth sailing as possible and eventually start to deliver new content.

Now, "The Division" Survival DLC has arrived on the Xbox One console, meaning they have succeeded in improving the game. All there is left, is the upcoming "The Division" update 1.5 on the PS4 console after the Survival DLC hits the platform.

Previously, Tom Clancy's "The Division" game has been the center of hate and bashing after players encountered game changing bugs and issues. Ubisoft then subjected the game to series of updates, offline updates and more server fixing issues. While it alternately improved the game, fans remained wary about the game's current state.

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