Sony's News & Update; SONY Will Release Two models of OLED TV

By Pamela E. , Updated Dec 11, 2016 01:57 AM EST

OLED TVs (Organic Light-Emitting Diode Television) stands as the most popular TV screen right now. It provides features of a better quality display that offers bright, realistic colourful images with a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, low power consumption and a fast response time for sports and action movies that is much better than LED and LCD screens.

 We all know that LG is the only one champion who offers OLED TV screen right now. But it was definitely changed next year 2017 as the SONY released their two models of 4K OLED screen Television. Back in 2008, SONY released their first OLED TV with screen size variants of 11 inches which cost almost $2500. Now, as the SONY launches again their second time OLED screen televisions, they will release two model of OLED TVs with different screen size variants which a 55 inches and the larger one model 65 inches.

About the costs, they revealed that the smaller screen size variant 55 inches will cost lower than the first model 11 inches released last 2008. According to Latinos Health, the two models of SONY OLED screens will costs a less than $3000. The smaller model 55 inches SONY OLED TV will cost $2500 which are the same with their first OLED TV with only has 11 inches screen variant. The larger model 65 inches will cost $3000. This two model TV is a friendly-budget television which may look interesting to all TV enthusiast.

According to Tech Radar, if there's something that SONY didn't revealed yet, they will be having a press conference at the CES 2017 event at Las Vegas Convention Centre that will happen at 5:00pm on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. If SONY announced few information, there is also another event at Berlin's IFA exhibition in September 2017 that will make as the official announcement of the SONY about their product OLED TVs. If we missed the said event, stay tuned to Tech Radar as they release the information that will happen on January 4.

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