‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: New Bug Creates Gigantic Pokemons; Nearby Feature Reverted Game To Glitch-Filled Status?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 11, 2016 11:40 PM EST

A new gaming bug has appeared in "Pokemon Go" that transformed game characters into giant versions of themselves. With the slew of glitches that gamers have experienced in the recent days, it appears that Niantic's enhanced Nearby Feature may have introduced the bugs.

When "Pokemon Go" was first released, millions of gamers downloaded Niantic's mobile gaming app given its unique gameplay element. With the chance to catch virtual versions of beloved Pokemon characters in the real world, the game created a global craze.

However, glitches and other issues have turned many "Pokemon Go" fans into frustrated gamers. After several patch updates and game enhancements, Niantic was able to address many of the gaming bugs and even introduced new content and activities for the mobile gaming app.

Recently, "Pokemon Go" glitches have again returned to frustrate avid fans. Some gamers have reported seeing humongous Buddy Pokemon creatures on their screens. Social media and online messages, as cited by Kotaku, revealed the screenshots of giant Pokemon characters whose size nearly encompassed a gamer's map.

The glitch appears to happen when a gamer would tap into their player profile icon. The Buddy Pokemon would appear gigantic only for a short time before reverting back to its small size.

Despite the technical glitch, some "Pokemon Go" players found the oversized images of Pokemon creatures as amusing. Several gaming fans even stated that they loved seeing huge versions of Snorlax or Pikachu on their devices.

Apart from the Buddy Pokemon bug, another "Pokemon Go" glitch has been sending incorrect vibration notification to gamers. Niantic is already aware of the said gaming bug and promised to deploy a patch in the soonest time possible to address the said glitch.

With the emergence of several "Pokemon Go" glitches, it appears that Niantic's mobile gaming app is slowly reverting to its earlier days where various bugs affected the game. Speculations pointed to the gaming company's recently deployed Nearby Feature as a potential culprit to the said glitches.

The "Pokemon Go" Nearby feature to track Pokemon creatures was released to an expanded area in late November. Learn more about the game's highly anticipated Gen2 update in the clip below:

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