Google News & Updates: Tech Giant Unveils Internet Of Things (IoT) OS 'Android Things', Replaces 'Brillo'

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:48 PM EST

Google finally announced its newest Internet of Things (IoT) platform called Android Things. Essentially based on the original Android OS used on several smartphones, Android Things is the California tech giant's latest - and most consolidated effort to date, push to consolidate its development on smart devices, counting speakers, routers, and various home appliances as examples.

Previously, Google focused its development on smart devices on the Brillo, which never saw any full efforts for consolidation due to lack of developers. Tech Crunch reported that work is currently underway to facilitate Brillo users' project migration to Android Things.

Google's combination of Android developer tools - Google Play Services, Android ADK, and the like, with the Brillo led to the development of Android Things. The smart device OS is set to go head-to-head with rivaling Apple HomeKit, with efforts to support IoT communications platform Weave already in the works.

Support for Weave continues to grow exponentially, as the likes of Belkin WeMo, First Alert, and Wink are set to use it for linking devices with one another as well as to Google Assistant. Also, the communications platform is set to get an update that involves a management console, alongside a Device SDK that provides greater support for devices.

The Verge has emphasized that Android Things is more of a background-running OS for smart objects than one that's akin to the way Android smartphones and watches operate. Smart devices are left to operate on their own under Google's new IoT platform. Such, therefore, makes the Android Things more suitable for more-sophisticated smart devices.

Prior to Android Things, Google has struggled to consolidate its smart device development, with Android@Home being among the company's first examples that never really took off. Now, with the new IoT platform, Google's plethora of smart device products is now set to consolidate seamlessly. Watch this report on Google's Android Things from Science and Knowledge below:

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