‘NieR Automata’ Review: Killer Robots, Sidekick & Switching Genres Make It Top Action Game

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 28, 2017 05:26 AM EDT

"NieR Automata" gamers on both PS4 and PC notes a combat gameplay that may be too complicated for some. Moreover, it has been revealed that the game is a maze that never ends. Apparently, there is a plethora of environment in "Nier Automata" to be explored.

Loads Of Armor And A Robot Sidekick Takes "NieR Automata" Up A Notch.

Take note that "NieR Automata" is an action-oriented, third-person, cyberpunk adventure game that follows the life of YoRHA No. 2 Model B. Note that 2B is an android armed with a sword and the floating robot called Pod armed with a machine gun, rechargeable laser cannon and an endless supply of ammo. In "NieR Automata," the task would be to destroy all killer robots that infested the earth or else die trying to, Paulsemel reported.

"NieR Automata" starts off as a first-rate action game in the veins of the "Devil May Cry" and "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow." Take note that the Platinum Games development also bears resemblance to the "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" as an action game. "NieR Automata" is packed with running and jumping in a long-abandoned robot factory where some enemy bots live, including one that used to work in construction.

As a sword wielder, 2B boasts light and heavy attacks as well as double jumps and smacking things like Kratos from "God of War." Moreover, Pod also makes "NieR Automata" a stand-out as 2B and Pod may eliminate two enemies at the same time or concentrate ranged and melee attacks on the same target. 2B may even grab supplies that are dropped by the destroyed enemies while Pod keeps on attacking.

Switching Genres Featured in "NieR Automata"

Meanwhile, "NieR Automata" players may also play as other characters throughout the course of the game. Furthermore, note that "NieR Automata" switches between genres. The game allows players to enjoy an arcade shooter, a third person hack-and slash RPG and a 2.5D platformer all in the first segment of the game.

The "NieR Automata" controls are notably smooth, Mid-day reported. Moreover, switching configurations to target different types of robots may be done by using plug-in chips. It has also been revealed that "NieR Automata" boasts a great deal to explore and is believed to be one of the best things coming from Square Enix. Watch a gameplay video below:


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