Microsoft Project Scorpio 4K: Checkerboard Rendering Is Best Feature

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:24 AM EDT

Microsoft Project Scorpio is set to compete directly with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K support. Apparently, the giant tech company has made bold claims that the Microsoft Project Scorpio would be hailed as the "First and The Only True 4k Console". In the meantime, the Microsoft Project Scorpio already has a page on the Microsoft Store.

Scorpio, To Go On Same Route With PS4 Pro

Several debates over how Microsoft aims to go onboard with their tagline have surfaced on the web for almost a year now. Take note that the PS4 Pro also does 4k. However, it is expected that the Microsoft Project Scorpio will be able to run games at 4k resolution natively.

There are current arguments on the method used on the PlayStation 4 Pro on checkerboard rendering. It is believed that Sony's method equates to upscaling. However, others disagree. Nevertheless, previous reports about the Microsoft Project Scorpio reveal that checkerboard rendering may be the go-to method for the Microsoft Project Scorpio as well, Game On Daily reported.

As of this writing, several titles have already announced plans for optimization for the improvements made by the Microsoft Project Scorpio. The Xbox Head of Operations Dave McCarthy also revealed that Microsoft is looking to give developers a seamless experience to work easily across multi-platforms such as the Xbox One, Microsoft Project Scorpio and Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft Project Scorpio is set to wipe out the console upgrade cycle since Xbox Scorpio games are expected to work across several platforms.

Microsoft Store Page Lets Fans Receive Email Confirmation Of Console's Arrival

Meanwhile, Microsoft Project Scorpio may already be seen on the Microsoft Store. For now, the page only lays out what has already been revealed in the E3 2016 including a release window of Holiday 2017. Take note that pre-orders for the console still will not be possible, MSPower User reported.

The Microsoft Project Scorpio Microsoft Store page however includes a simple button for fans to be notified via email when the product becomes available. The Xbox Boss Phil Spencer also confirmed on Twitter that the Microsoft Project Scorpio hardware is already in production. Furthermore, Xbox Scorpio games have also been confirmed to be in development for the upcoming console. In the meantime, watch the E3 2016 trailer in the video below:


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