‘Diablo 3’ Season 10: March 31 Brings New Armory System

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 10:39 PM EDT

Game developer Blizzard Entertainment has announced that "Diablo 3" Season 9 will end on March 17. Additionally, the studio also announced that Season 10 will start on March 31. Gamers are now excited for the leaderboards to reset as well as experience the new Armory system of the game.

"Diablo 3" Season 10 Will Kick Off On March 31

The hack-and-slash action RPG is not only popular in North America, but in other continents as well. During the announcement, Blizzard mentioned that Season 9 would end at 5:00 pm CET in Europe on March 17 and 5:00 pm KST in Asia.  Season 10 will kick off at 5:00 pm PDT in North America, 5:00 pm CET in Europe and 5:00 pm KST in Asia, Droid Report reported.

Blizzard did not mention how long "Diablo 3" Season 10 will last, but previous seasons lasted for three months before starting all over again.  The upcoming season will allow online gamers to equip themselves with brand new gear and collect gold and Paragon levels.  They can either go solo or form a party, start from square one of the game, and try to make points with their adventures to be included in the leaderboards.

As an added bonus for the current season, the studio also announced that heroes reaching level 70 on their hero will earn them gloves transmogrification appearances and an exclusive chest.  However, seasonal and non-seasonal players will be able to access the appearances before the current season ends, although in a much limited time.

"Diablo 3" Season 10 Players Access To Previous Season Stash

As expected, gold and Paragon experience gained by "Diablo 3" Season 9 players will be transferred to their chosen new hero for the new season, as well as the previous Season Stash.  The player's stash should be claimed within 30 days from the date that a player logs into their account after the current season ends, Express added     

Season 10 participants can expect new contents once the new season kicks off.    It is believed that players will be able to access the new Necromancer class, but there is no official word coming from Blizzard, plus the new Armory system that will allow up to five stack builds with an on-the-fly swap feature. Watch "Diablo 3's" season 10 rewards video here:


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