‘Dark Souls 3’ The Ringed City Guide: Where To Find Lapp

By Allan , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:32 AM EDT

The latest DLC The Ringed City for “Dark Souls 3” has just been released and one of the new challenges players will face is finding Lapp and finding out who he is. Lapp is a knight that players will meet early in the game and will play a big part in this DLC. So for players looking for help and guide to finish the new DLC, this article provides a step by step instruction.

Where to Find Lapp in “Dark Souls 3” The Ringed City

The first encounter with Lapp will happen in Dreg Heap where the opening scene of the DLC will start according to Primagames. Players will see the first bonfire and from there should go down the hill and go left to the ruins. On their right, players should look for crumbling stones where they will fall down to a library. They should find the exit to the library, head right, and follow the path until they go past the first angel. Go inside the building directly in front and enter the door on the right side. From there, players should turn left to see a tower fall which they will use as a bridge inside the building. And in there is Lapp just across the tower.

Where to Find Lapp for the Second Time

Players will need to find Lapp again for the second time according to RPG Site. This time, players need to go to the bonfire of Earthen Peak Ruins where he should be close. At this point, he will be talking about a swamp close by with a treasure. Players will need to get that treasure so they should head to the swamp, go past the cottage, and inside the cave in the huge roots. Stay close to the wall and follow the path inside until a dead end is reached. The treasure is the Titanite Slab which should be easily found in the area and then head back to Lapp.

Last Encounters with Lapp

The third time the player will meet Lapp is near the bonfire of Ringed Inner Wall in the room across the gate that goes to the elevator shortcut. And the last and fourth time meet up with Lapp will happen in the swamp. To get there, players just need to stay close to the left wall until they find the ladder. Go up and go left again to find the circular room where Lapp can be found sitting in a chair. It is also at this meeting where players can get the Purging Monument which will help Lapp remember who he really is.

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