PS4 VS Xbox One Sales: PS4 Supply Will Meet Demand in the Summer, Stock Struggling to Keep Up

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 21, 2014 10:59 AM EDT

The PlayStation 4 is one hot commodity. Since its release in November, Sony has struggled to match the available supply with the insatiable demand from gamers that no longer want to await their greatness. Reaching six million units sold earlier this month, Sony's console is running strong in worldwide sales.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal at the 2014 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Sony's head of PlayStation, Andrew House, stated that the company is indeed struggling to meet demand and that they're expecting to be able to fulfill demand in the summer.

“We’re struggling to keep up with demand. Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we’ll be closer to a full supply situation,” House said.

PlayStation 4 stock has become such a desired thing that retailers like Gamestop and Amazon often broadcast when they're selling new units. When the console launched, Amazon could hardly meet demand and I recall a friend of mine having his order outright canceled despite placing an early preorder.

The PlayStation 4 is easily ahead of the Xbox One at the start of this console generation. Sony strategically placed themselves in front of Microsoft's blunders pre-E3 and established themselves as the company that wants your support and not just your money.

Sony has also been struggling with fulfilling demand for the PlayStation camera accessory as a reported 900k units have been sold and supply is “severely” constrained, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America Senior Staff Developer Support Engineer Chris Norden.

If you're still struggling to pick Sony's console, keep an eye open on Gamestop, Amazon, and even local stores; you're bound to find it sooner or later. 

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