PS4 System Software Update 9.0 Guide: What Fixes Were Made to Solve CMOS Issues?

PS4 System Software Update 9.0 Guide: What Fixes Were Made to Solve CMOS Issues?

Owners of the PlayStation 4 reveiled that its newest System Software Update 9.0 has solved the problem involving its CMOS, where the console becomes unusable once its battery dies. The said problem also made physical and digital games to be unaccessible.

by Staff Reporter


Aimbot: How Not to Get the Machine Language-powered Cheat Engine For XBox, All Consoles

A new cheating software became rampant over the past few days. It brags the same aimbot technology but it said that it will be compatible to every video game console.

by Staff Reporter


'NEO: The World Ends with You' Game Demo Guide: How to Get This One for Free

Square Enix announced that "NEO: The World Ends with You" will receive a free game demo for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The said game demo, which will be up for grabs for free, is a preparation for its release this coming July 27th.

by Staff Reporter


Limited Run Games' Physical Version Releases: How to Pre-Order, What Bonuses Players Would Receive

Limited Run Games just announced in their E3 2021 that they will be releasing several vintage games in a bundle. These bundles will also include goodies ranging from a pair of 3D glasses to posters to a watergun.

by Staff Reporter


'Guilty Gear Strive' Early Access: What Players Would Get, How to Pre-Order

The release date for the "Guilty Gear Strive" is fast approaching, and players will have the opportunity to experience the game first hand thru its Early Access Pass. The pass itself will be available as a pre-order offer, which will be available this coming June 8th.

by Staff Reporter

TEKKEN 7 - Extended Trailer (E3 2016)

'Tekken 7' Features & Gameplay: Unreal Engine 4 Creates Detailed Character, Dynamic & Reactive Environment, Playable on PlayStation VR

"Tekken 7" will be released next month with great surprises that include enhanced graphics and great characters alongside a dynamic and responsive environment created with the Unreal Engine 4 the same engine used in the production of VR games.

by Paige McClure

PlayStation VR Review

Major Retailers Offer PlayStation VR Discount

Gamers hoping to try out the Virtual Reality (VR) bandwagon should take advantage of the latest deal from Sony.

by Michael Augustin

PlayStation 4 Pro Review

PS4 Speculated To Get Price Cut Soon, Says Market Analyst

Sony has recently shared that its PlayStation 4 has shipped over 60 million units worldwide.

by Michael Augustin

The First 18 Minutes of A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale' Now Available As A Free Download

Gamers who love Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" and want to know more about its lore might want to check out "Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale".

by Michael Augustin

Rocket League - 4K PS4 Pro Support & Hot Wheels DLC Cars

‘Rocket League’ Update: PS4 Pro Patch Gets 60 FPS Support & 4K Resolution

“Rocket League” has added a 4K resolution and 60 FPS support on PlayStation 4 Pro patch.

by Danny Smith

Horizon Zero Dawn - Accolades Trailer | PS4

'Horizon: Zero Dawn': Guerrilla Games Lists Day One Patch Notes

Gamers excitedly waiting for "Horizon: Zero Dawn" only have a few days left before its official release next week.

by Michael Augustin

New Final Fantasy VII remake combat pics: ATB &

'Final Fantasy VII' New Screenshot, Remake Is Coming Its Way; Find Out Here

Final Fantasy VII's new screenshot of the remake is revealed.

by Febe AF

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

PS4 February Price Drop; ‘Unchartered 4’ & ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ PS4 Bundles On Sale

February will be a happy month for a lot of gamers who want to get hold of the PS4 games for a cheaper price.

by Aloha Baldovino

Playstation 4 (PS4) Ships 9.7 Million Units In Last Three Months - Fastest The Whole Year!

PlayStation 4 2017: Confirmed Exclusive Games Detailed

Playstation 4 exclusive game titles for the year have recently been confirmed by Sony. In addition, a new Save Editor is expected to be released which for saving data using cheats.

by Mia P.

‘Fallout 4’: 55 Gigabytes High Resolution Texture Pack Had Make Less Difference

‘Fallout 4’: 55 Gigabytes High Resolution Texture Pack Had Make Less Difference

The “Fallout 4” 55 GB high-resolution texture pack doesn’t make a huge difference, is it worth the space?

by Danny Smith

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