'Destiny 2' Trailers: Subtle Details Most Likely Overlooked By Fans

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 04, 2017 04:39 AM EDT

Bungie has officially shared the first two trailers for "Destiny 2" and it has reportedly confirmed the speculations regarding the sequel's story details. The Cabal Empire has invaded the Last City and displaced its citizens as well as the Guardians themselves. The trailers for the game showcase Cayde-6 as he recounts the attacks and also attempts to encourage the remaining troops to fight and take back the Last City from the Cabal Red Guard. However, there are some subtle details that might have slipped past fans.

New Cabal units

In the first two trailers for "Destiny 2", Bungie has included footage of some new enemy units that players will most likely encounter during their game. The first ones are these massive Centurion-like units that dual-wield Solar-based cleavers. Game Rant also points out that there are these new Phalanx units that forgo their physical defenses in favor or energy-based shields. The last enemy units shown in the trailer are "Shark Dog" like animals with an armored head.

Vanguard's weapon of choice

Fans have always reportedly wondered what weapon loadout their favorite Vanguard class leader favors. It appears that the "Destiny 2" trailer finally showcases the Vanguard team in combat and shows Ikora Rey using a shotgun and Commander Zavala is shown wielding a heavy machine gun against the Cabal. Lastly, Everyone's favorite Hunter Vanguard and wise-cracking Exo Cayde-6 is finally shown favoring the Ace of Spades hand cannon.

Vanguard sub-class

During the entire destiny campaign, the Vanguard leaders were never shown in combat. Players have always wondered what sub-class their favorite characters are, but it was never hinted by the game's lore. Fans have always speculated that the Vanguard can also switch between different sub-classes like the guardians. However, the latest "Destiny 2" trailer reveals the sub-class used by Ikora Rey. The Warlock Vanguard apparently prefers being a Stormcaller as shown in the trailer when she fights against the Cabal.

Everything is gone

The developer has already confirmed that players will not be able to carry over anything to "Destiny 2" other than the character models from the first game. Moreover, the game's lore appears to support the reason story-wise due to the destruction of the Tower and its vaults. It's apparent that player will need to start all over again in the sequel.

"Destiny 2" is scheduled to come out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 8, 2017. A recent article from Gamenguide also details the leaked schedules for its first two expansion DLCs, which point to winter 2017 for the first and Spring 2018 for the second.

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