'Destiny 2' Expansion DLC Release Windows Apparently Leaked

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 03, 2017 04:44 AM EDT

Bungie has not yet fully revealed all the information about "Destiny 2" as of now, but several sources have already reported some details about the game's DLC. It seems that the reports are concerning the release windows for the sci-fi shooter's first two expansion DLC contents. Gamers have noted that the details about the game's additional content were taken from leaked fact sheets given to retailers.

According to the leaks, the release windows of the two DLC expansion packs for "Destiny 2" are scheduled for winter of 2017 and spring of 2018 respectively. The exact dates, however, were not indicated in the fact sheets issued to store managers, as reported by Game Rant. Meanwhile, other reports have speculated that Bungie might apply the same pattern used by the original game's DLC content releases.

Fans will remember that Bungie released "Destiny" in September, which was then followed by "The Dark Below" in December. The following year, the developer launched the "House of Wolves" by May. Gamers suspect that they might apply the same release windows for "Destiny 2", which was already confirmed to launch in September this year. Fans have reportedly voiced their concern regarding the expansion pack contents as well.

It seems that some players who invested their money for the original game's season pass were reportedly disappointed by the lackluster content of the second expansion. The first one apparently delivered with the "Crota's End" raid included in the DLC, while the absence of a raid in the succeeding expansion surely angered some fans. Gamers are most likely expecting "Destiny 2" to learn from its predecessor's mistakes and include more bang for the buck when their expansion packs launch during their respective release windows.

According to Gaming Bolt, leaked "Destiny 2" DLC expansion packs release windows were apparently leaked by a GameStop branch. The image of the official communication was allegedly posted on Reddit. The letter confirms some of the developer's plans for the expansion content as well as their projected release schedules.

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