Killer Instinct News: Fulgore Set to Arrive By Month's End, Retro Costumes Teased for Thunder and Sadira [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 21, 2014 03:41 PM EDT

With Fulgore's arrival, we're that much closer to a "complete" roster from the original Killer Instinct from the Rare days. But after numerous teases and March almost over, Ultratech's A.I. fight-bot is still nowhere to be seen.

Despite the days falling off the calendar, Microsoft is adamant that Fulgore will still release within schedule. At least, that's what Creative Director Adam Isgreen is sticking to. Isgreen popped up over at NeoGAF, where he wrote the following:

"We are still aiming for March for the big Fulgore/Story/Lobby release. Yes, that's risky, because the update is chock full of content and we're 13 days from April. I can only say we're trying to land it. If we're delayed out of March, it's only because we're being extra-careful to find and address any issues with this major content update."

Fair enough. Isgreen and the rest of the staff are no doubt feeling the pressure of the ticking clock, but whenever the update does arrive, it should be thoroughly enjoyable thanks to being "chock full of content" as Isgreen described.

Adding to the anticipation is a trailer that's currently in development to show off Fulgore, and Isgreen promised it "is coming together nicely, too. Needs a few tweaks, but it's close, and damn he's fun to play." A tweet from Isgreen said that the update is currently in the testing phase, so it shouldn't be much longer.

Fulgore and the rest of the additions in the upgrade are the big news items, but that's not all. More skins have peeked out for both Thunder and Killer Instinct newcomer Sadira. Isgreen tweeted a sneak peek of Sadira's costume last week, and gameplay video of Thunder's new duds have hit YouTube. You can check out one below.

The costumes are expected to arrive after the update.

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