‘Destiny: Age of Triumph’ Guide: How To Defeat All 6 Oracles In Atheon Challenge Fast

By Allan , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:43 PM EDT

In the Vault of Glass challenges of “Destiny: Age of Triumph”, there are 6 Oracles that players must defeat in the game. However, winning the Atheon challenge is a requirement to receive the reward this week. So this article provides a step by step guide how to kill each Oracle.

Defeating Oracle 1 and 2

The two players that Atheon teleported at the start of the teleport phase should be the one to defeat the first two Oracle in the challenge according to Twinfinite. One player should get the relic, go down the stairs and battle the Vex enemies. Then one player must throw the grenade to the Vex and use their strongest weapon when the Oracle spawns. The other player fighting with the second Oracle should also shoot at the Vex enemies, assisting the relic holder. Throw another grenade if needed to make sure the relic holder doesn’t get killed.

Defeating Oracle 3 and 4

Another player should focus on Oracle 3, according to Gamerant he will also be the first to go in the portal, should have a Sleeper Simulant to quickly kill the Oracle and get cleaned. Then for the player assigned to defeat Oracle 4 should do the same but can take their time to go into the portal.

Defeating Oracle 5 and 6

The player assigned to kills the fifth Oracle should also be the relic holder. The best way to eliminate the Oracle is to stand at the portal as soon as the three Vex enemies are defeated. The player will be the one to cleanse the first three as they exit to Venus or Mars. As soon as the fifth player spawns, just jump and press RB or R2 to the Oracle to quickly kill it. As for the last player, is the player assigned to keep the portal open until everyone is done. The Oracle should be on the right and can be defeated using a Sleeper Simulant.

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