Nintendo Switch: Lagging Issue Can Be Fixed By Changing IP Add To DMZ; New Family Bundle Revealed

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 10, 2017 06:49 AM EDT

Nintendo Switch users have reported instances of lagging during gameplay. Apparently, some players have reported instances when they lose a few places when the race is over, despite having crossed the finish line in 1st place on their screen. On this note, the network configuration may be necessary for a lag-free experience.

Manual Tinkering With Router Helps Solve Lagging Issues.

Take note that router interfaces vary across manufacturers. One option is to set the Nintendo Switch IP address to a DMZ. This is done by opening the interface of the router,, and find the option listed as DMZ. This option will allow gamers to input the IP address of a device beyond the security measures of the router.

Take caution not to follow this process with a computer since it may leave the network vulnerable to attacks, Nintendo Today reported. However, the Nintendo Switch is a closed system and may not cause damage on the router's DMZ. Note that the Nintendo Switch IP is on the console under Settings>Internet. Make sure to launch a connection test on the Nintendo Switch which should result in a NAT Type of A, B or C. Nat Type A is open and is recommended for this option.

Another option is Port Forwarding. Nintendo recommends this option for Nintendo Switch users experiencing trouble with multiplayer online. However, it is said to be more difficult to set up and requires more tech know-how than setting up a DMZ for one specific IP. Note that a number of Redditors have reported issues with correct ports forwarded.

Order The Nintendo Switch Today And Receive It Tomorrow.

In other news, two online retailers are selling the Nintendo Switch and shipping out orders within a day. There are currently resellers on Amazon offering the Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con or with Gray Joy-Cons. However, note that the console comes with a premium price and caution must be taken to find reputable sellers, BGR reported.

Nintendo Switch fans may also get the console bundled with games over at GameStop. The online retail store currently offers a pricey new family bundle and guarantees one-day shipping. The bundle comes with the standard Blue and Red Joy-Con package with "Breath of the Wild," "Has-Been Heroes" and "LEGO City Undercover."


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