'Mario Party Superstars' Guide: Pre-Order Bonus, Boards, Minigames, and More

'Mario Party Superstars' Guide: Pre-Order Bonus, Boards, Minigames, and More

Nintendo revealed through its Nintendo Direct livestream the three new additional boards for Mario Party Superstars. The said boards, which as originally from the old Nintendo 64 Mario Party games, will bring more fun to the game thanks to its surprise gimmicks, along with the minigames that players will enjoy.

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'AC: New Horizons' How to Tell Which Are Real or Fake Redd's Paintings and Statues Guide

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizon can now open their own art museum as they can bought any artwork from Redd. However, this shady businessman fox also brought in forgeries of said artworks, making them question if most of them are fake and real. To solvethis, players need to have a keen eye on details to distinguish which is which.

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'Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX' Guide: Price, Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses + Everything to Expect

It is time to go old school Monster collecting as Koei Tecmo announced the release of "Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX," a collection of the remastered Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2. The said collection will have a rework of their unique Monster capturing feature, as well as additional gameplay mechanics.

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'Animal Crossing New Horizons' Patch 1.11.1 Update Guide: What Fixes Players Would Expect

Animal Crossing: New Horizons receives its new Patch 1.11.1 Update. This update, although small, will fix several bugs that was brought by the game's previous Patch 1.11.0 Update.

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'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Version 2.0.0 Update: Free DLC Character, Stages, Other Additions Players would Expect

Mario Golf: Super Rush received its first major update since its launch. The said update gives the game's first, and free, DLC in the form of Toadette and the New Donk City course, as well as adding the new Ranking Match Online Multiplayer mode.

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Metroid Dread Guide: Tweet Teases Return of Game Feature + Pre-Order Details, Release Date, MORE

After its reveal in E3 2021, Nintendo announced several details regarding Metroid Dread. A possible return of a familiar enemy, as well as new gameplay features, awaits both Samus Aran and the players of the side-scroller. Also, pre-orders are now open, with bonues will be given for those who avail it.

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Nintendo Switch 12.1.0 Patch Update Notes Guide: What Features Players will Expect

Nintendo Switch will receive a Version 12.1.0 Update for their firmware. This patch update will add a feature where it will alert its users that either their internal or external memory is full.

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'NEO: The World Ends with You' Game Demo Guide: How to Get This One for Free

Square Enix announced that "NEO: The World Ends with You" will receive a free game demo for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The said game demo, which will be up for grabs for free, is a preparation for its release this coming July 27th.

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Pokémon UNITE Banner

Pokémon UNITE Release Date, Exciting Features, and Everything to Know

The Pokémon Company Internation and the TiMi Studio Group have announced that the mega franchise's first-ever strategy team battle game, Pokémon UNITE, is set to release in July 2021 on Nintendo Switch and September for mobile devices.

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Limited Run Games' Physical Version Releases: How to Pre-Order, What Bonuses Players Would Receive

Limited Run Games just announced in their E3 2021 that they will be releasing several vintage games in a bundle. These bundles will also include goodies ranging from a pair of 3D glasses to posters to a watergun.

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Nintendo Switch 'Patch 12.0.3' Update: How Will You Download This Switch System Update

Nintendo Switch released the "Patch 12.0.3" Update, which made a minor change to the gaming console. Despite of this, polayers are eagerly waiting for the gaming company to reveal major news for the console, especially during their "Nintendo Direct" panel for the E3 2021.

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How You and Your Friend Can Earn $2K by Playing Video Games

An internet provider will give you and your friend a chance to play the video games that you love and earn money at the same time. $2,000 and a video game swag bag awaits you and your friend.

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Nintendo’s ‘Game Builder Garage’: What Tools Are We Expecting in This Game Creator System

Nintendo announced "Game Builder Garage," a game creator system that gives everyone the opportunity to become a game developer. With the help of the whimsical "Nodons," you can build your own game and share it with your friends and family.

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'Monster Hunter Rise' Patch 3.0 Update: New Monsters and How to Unlock Them ALL

The Crimson Glow Valstrax is one of the new monsters that set to appear on Monster Hunter Rise after the Patch 3.0 Update. Aside from the newest set of monsters, a new ending scenario is also set to be released in the game.

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NEW Switch JoyCon Revealed!! Neon Yellow Joy Con + Battery Pack Release Date (Nintendo Direct)

Analysts Predict Great Third-Party Support Ahead For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo surely has a surefire success with its recently release Nintendo Switch.

by Michael Augustin

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