New 'Overwatch' Event Holds Widowmaker Easter Egg

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:17 AM EDT

The next in-game event for "Overwatch" has been accidentally leaked and it is now confirmed to be called "Insurrection". The event supposedly takes place seven years before the start of the team-based shooter's lore. Fans of the game will reportedly have the chance to take a look at what happened in the past. Characters like Genji, Tracer, Mercy, Bastion, Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Widowmaker will have new skins that reflect their past as well as an Easter Egg.

Fans of the "Overwatch" should be aware that the "Insurrection" event will also feature the Widomaker skin that was teased by Jeff Kaplan. According to an article from Game Rant, Amelie Lacroix will have a skin that show's her look before her skin was turned blue. It also includes a new spray that further implies her tragic backstory. Her background story says that she and her husband were part of the "Overwatch" team.

Widowmaker was reportedly a part of the Blackwatch division, while her husband Gerard Lacroix was assigned to an "Overwatch" division that fought back against Talon, a terrorist organization. The terror group was able to capture Amelie and had her brainwashed. She was then given the order to assassinate her husband, which she did while he was asleep. The Easter Egg spray shows a wedding photo of the couple before the tragic events happened.

The effects of Talon's brainwashing eventually changed Widowmaker's skin blue and further pushed her to become a cold-hearted killer. Sources also confirm that she continues to be one of Talon's best operatives. An "Overwatch" animated short also shows her fighting against her former teammate Tracer as she assassinates Omic monk Tekhartha Mondatta. While the Easter Egg was intentionally made to reflect on Widowmaker's past. It also showcases skins for the other cast members.

Recent reports have noted that the new "Overwatch" event was going to be called "King's Row Uprising". However, the leak says otherwise and labels the event as "Insurrection". According to Gamenguide, the official announcement of the event hinted at new skins, which is finally confirmed by the leaked details for the new event. Fans still reportedly feel sorry for Widowmaker and it seems that the Easter Egg was included as a reminder of happier days.

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