'Destiny' Fireteam Destroys Atheon Within One Minute

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 11, 2017 06:50 AM EDT

Bungie has delivered its promise of rebalanced raids and "Destiny: Age of Triumph" has been active for the past two weeks. It appears that the developer has delivered on its promise to deliver what the fans have always wanted ever since the game started to receive updated content. While other fans are patiently waiting for "Destiny 2", it seems like the rest continue to polish their skills even further. Just recently, a certain fireteam has surprisingly completed the Atheon Challenge within a minute.

Other fireteams have already completed the Atheon Challenge in the second featured raid for "Destiny: Age of Triumph", but none have done it as quickly as them. The team that accomplished the noteworthy task are composed of YouTube users Zouk Morta, MH TryHarder, Eneo, Demo x MeTaL z, Mattyex83 and Alex Felwinter. Their victory is currently considered the world's quickest Atheon kill with the new 390 light level "Vault of Glass" raid, says Game Rant.

The recorded video of the Atheon Challenge victory has reportedly left many "Destiny: Age of Triumph" players wondering how the fireteam was able to complete the task. The video itself does not explain all the planning that went into their strategy, but some Reddit users have offered a breakdown of what happened. It was noted that the assault began with one of the users firing a Gjallarhorn followed by a bunch of grenade tosses.

What followed was a series of ultimate ability activations that smothered Atheon with fusion grenades and a constant barrage of Gjallarhorn rounds. Since the supers themselves generate orbs, the team then restocked their meters and continuously unleashed the same attacks. "Destiny" fans continue to ponder how the team's warlocks were able to continuously self-resurrect even after switching to radiance. It seems that the game registers the effect while granting players another one for some reason.

Bungie continues to feature a new raid every week with active challenges, as indicated by a report from Gamenguide. Prior to the official launch of "Destiny: Age of Triumph", players expected that all four of the refreshed raids would become available. However, those who were excited to challenge Atheon were surprised that the raid would follow a week after. Players can now experience a new featured raid this week with "King's Fall" in the spotlight.

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