'Overwatch': Players Complain About Unfair Rewards For Support Heroes

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:58 PM EDT

With the "Uprising" seasonal event currently on the way for "Overwatch", players have played the new PVE game mode. New features like a buff for Lucio and its multiplayer streak multiplier adjustment has probably enhanced the gameplay experience for most users. However, there are some reports that claim the game has penalized players who use support characters like healers. Reports indicate that rewards are not fairly awarded to users who pick healers.

Several reports have spread across social media that speculates Blizzard Entertainment has tweaked "Overwatch" during the "Uprising" seasonal event. Users claim that the shooter no longer fairly awards players who prefer to use support characters. Game Rant reports that a fan posted an example on the game's official forums. It claims that the player and a friend played a couple of matches in competitive using Mercy and Soldier 76 respectively. It was pointed out that after five wins and two losses, the friend using the DPS hero scored higher than the support.

Another complaint accuses Blizzard Entertainment of changing the game's "On-Fire" system so that healers like Mercy can only score points with her ultimate skill. Plenty of "Overwatch" players understand that her healing staff can greatly affect the turnout of the match and should be accounted by the system. The player notes that the ultimate skill was used twice within a match but it only netted the player 18 points in total. Several gamers complained that the developer probably wanted them to "let the team die on purpose" and then use resurrection.

It appears that most gamers who prefer to use support heroes feel that "Overwatch" is "awful" for its scoring system preferences for other hero classes. Sources report that this issue has been around for over a month. Players reportedly begged the developer to fix the SR issue. However, it seems like the developer has made it intentional to encourage a more aggressive play style.

"Overwatch" has also made a significant change to its Competitive mode through an adjustment made on its streak multiplier, says Gamenguide. The changes are intended to properly match players with opponents who are on the same skill level. On the other hand, players who complained about the support hero scoring problem might eventually have the developer fix it in the future like other complaints in the past.

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