'Overwatch' Tweaks Multiplayer Streak Multiplier In Latest Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 14, 2017 05:02 AM EDT

With over 25 million registered users, "Overwatch" is one of the most popular team-based shooters available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Most of the players apparently agree that the game's Competitive mode can be quite brutal most of the time. Due to the current matchmaking system, it is quite easy for players to be matched with players who love to throw games or quit in the middle of a match. Blizzard Entertainment has obviously heard its fans and has tweaked the game's streak multiplier system in the latest update

The string of losses usually caused by the previous matchmaking streak multiplier drains their hard-earned Skill Rating points quickly. So the latest "Overwatch" patch number 1.10 reportedly changes that so that players are properly matched with others on the same skill level. Game Rant points out that the previous version was set in a way that its purpose was to prevent experienced players from smurfing other gamers.

Scott Mercer, "Overwatch" principal designer, confirmed the changes through a post at the game's official forums. Many sources deemed the original streak multiplier as overly aggressive with its tendency to assign higher ranks almost immediately, which causes some skill mismatch among beginners and top players. The newest update plans to change the system in order to be more accommodating for Competitive mode players.

With the new "Overwatch" patch for its streak multiplier, gamers are now expected to "win or lose more games in a row before any multiplier is used," additionally, "it scales up at a slower pace." The Competitive game mode tweak seeks to keep players happy with how the system upgrades their bracket based on their win or lose streaks.

"Overwatch" players who do not care for the Competitive mode may not really appreciate the streak multiplier tweaks. However, they might want to try out the new PVE Brawl during the limited time "Uprising" event. Gamenguide notes that some players have reported some technical issue that started after the patch 2.09 has been applied, but Blizzard Entertainment appears to have fixed the problems without delay.

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