Terry Crews Reportedly Streaming 'Overwatch' Games For Fun

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 17, 2017 08:59 PM EDT

Terry Crews is once again in the gaming spotlight as the actor showcases his support for Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch". It has been reported that the actor has publicly displayed his love for the team-based shooter on several occasions. He reportedly streamed the game for a short while last Friday, according to sources and occasionally live streams on Twitch as well. Crews recently used a streaming service called Caffeine to flaunt his support for the popular shooter.

As of now, Caffeine is reportedly still in pre-Alpha and does not yet feature any archived footage of its past streams. Due to the current build of the streaming service, fans are unfortunately unable to watch Terry Crews' past exploits with "Overwatch". Game Rant also adds that some gamers claim the streaming service quality was far off from other existing services in the market. This is probably due to the infancy of the new service, which might still have some issues with its stability.

On the other hand, gamers and fans for "Overwatch" and Terry Crews are encouraged to add his channel in case he decides to go live again soon. The actor has been linked with Blizzard Entertainments team-based shooter ever since fans requested to have the actor voice Doomfist. The campaign started out small but eventually grew in numbers and eventually saw the actor join in on the fun. Although the developer has not officially confirmed anything, rumors started to spread that Crews had already visited the game studio for unknown reasons.

Fans also continue to campaign for Terry Crews to officially voice Doomfist as news of the 25th hero has been updated to reflect the developer's claim that they are already far in with the new development. The actor even submitted a mock audition video for the character a few months ago. While initially speculated to be the 24th hero in the game, Orisa's reveal and connection with Doomfist's attack continue to drive "Overwatch" fan's excitement over the character.

A recent report from Gamenguide also adds fuel to speculations of Terry Crews playing Doomfist. The actor reportedly shared a Facebook Live video that showcases his new PC build and his office. During the middle of the 15-minute video, the actor surprised fans with an announcement that he has a "major surprise" for fans this coming E3 2017. "ya'll know what's going on" he added, which seems to support the popular rumor of his involvement with "Overwatch".

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