Microsoft Project Scorpio Latest News: Dev Reveals Biggest Challenge In Design, Manufacture; Dev Units With More Horsepower Than Retail Units

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 24, 2017 07:52 AM EDT

Microsoft Project Scorpio is set to release soon and developers are being prompted to think as if they are developing games for the PC as the console is said to be a heavyweight. It is expected that game developers would find it easier to port games to the console if they are used to developing games on multi platforms. The Microsoft Project Scorpio is set to allow games to run 4K at 60fps but the audio hardware may still need improvements for games that do the real-time mixing.

What "Forza" Developers Have To Say About Microsoft Project Scorpio

The Microsoft Project Scorpio chief Phil Spencer once revealed the hardware specs of the upcoming console along with his stand on virtual gaming and the future of the Xbox. There were also notable conversations with first-party game developers like Turn 10 Studios (the mind behind all things "Forza") and The Coalition of "Gears of War 4." It has been noted that when Turn 10 got involved in the hardware's design, they opted to take it up a notch as if developing for PC.

Of the Microsoft Project Scorpio, Turn 10's software architect Chris Tector noted that the team felt it was their responsibility as a first-party studio to help make sure that the platform is ready for everyone, Gamasutra reported. The biggest challenge in getting Microsoft Project Scorpio ready was its ability to run on 4K resolution, its chief selling points. Tector noted that the team adjusted the production pipeline accordingly and moved to Direct2D 12.

Microsoft Project Scorpio Dev Units Are Beefier Than Consumer Products

Meanwhile, latest reports reveal that the VR capabilities on the Microsoft Project Scorpio may not be baked natively into the console, Extreme Tech reported. It has further been revealed that the developers' units actually differ from the mainstream product. Apparently, developers get a little more horsepower to work with.

The Microsoft Project Scorpio console version has 2,560 GPU cores while the developer variant gets 2,816 GPU cores. However, the base clock speed for both is 1172MHz for GPU and 2.3GHz for the custom CPU. Note that it is crucial for developers to get more power especially during testing to determine which approach to a scene will yield the best results.


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