‘Clash Royale’ Update: Patch Increases Deployment Time; Elite Barbarians Nerfed

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 19, 2017 05:12 AM EDT

"Clash Royale" developers are rolling out a new update that will bring changes to the much-maligned Elite Barbarians, Furnace and the Royal Giant. The patch is increasing the damage that can be done with the Executioner. Furthermore, news broke out that a legendary card can now be obtained via a Special Draft Challenge.

New Patch Good For RG Users, Too

The "Clash Royale" patch is increasing the deployment time of the RG to make it easier for gamers to deal with him. Supercell added another second for gamers to crank out a higher elixir counter or decide ways to counter him sans taking any hits on the tower. However, with the extra deployment, RG users may have more time to deploy back-up.

In addition, the Elite Barbarians are getting nerfed once more. It should be noted that the Elite Barbarians have already gone through several nerfs and buffs. Now, they are getting 4 percent hit point reduction. Furthermore, their initial attack has decreased by 0.1 seconds.

The move is said to be a bold one for Supercell as data has proven that the RG and the Ebarbs may not actually be overpowered. The main issue may be the fact that they are commonly used cards and may easily be over-levelled which may be difficult to play against. The "Clash Royale" developers also increased the damage brought about by the Executioner by 6 percent, Reboot Reload reported.

Legendary Card Rumors: New Legendary Coming To The Game

In other news, the next "Clash Royale" card rumored to be revealed is the Night Witch. Leaked reports revealed that the upcoming card may be unlocked via the Insane Draft Challenge. The legendary card is expected to be revealed to keep gamers interested in playing the hit mobile game.

The "Clash Royale" card also known as the Dark Witch targets terrestrials and causes considerable damage with its rod, Mobi Picker reported. The legendary card also creates bats that regenerate every two seconds, giving players more time to grab the battlefield. The Night Witch has also been noted as a perfect blend of ground and air attack.


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