NES Classic Edition News: 2 Units Sold Per Minute Due To No More Production News; DIY Version Options Plenty

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 24, 2017 08:05 AM EDT

NES Classic Edition sales have been revealed boasting 2 units sold by the minute on eBay. The increase in sales has been caused by the Nintendo announcement that it will no longer be producing any more of the consoles. It is expected that Nintendo will be concentrating production on the recently launched hybrid console--Nintendo Switch.

Thousands Of NES Classic Edition Sold In A Day

Immediately after the Nintendo announcement to stop production of the NES Classic Edition, second-hand sales of the product increased rapidly as the demand for the console rose in the past 24 hours. Furthermore, data from the eBay sales revealed that an average of two NES Classic Edition consoles was being sold every minute. With this data, eBay was selling an average of 2,880-second hand NES Classic Edition units within a 24 hour period, Game Revolution reported.

However, it should be noted that when the NES Classic Edition first launched, Nintendo sold a unit every 18 seconds on eBay. The average selling price of the console was $230. As of date, there are still a few hundred units on eBay with an average selling price of $332. Its MSRP is $59.99.

NES Classic Mini DIY Version

Meanwhile, Nintendo on November 2016 decided to go back to its roots and release the NES Classic Edition, Ars Technica reported. The nostalgia fest created an increased demand that was met with near-instant supply issues as well as an over 200 percent markup in secondary markets. By December 2016, Ars Technica decided to build their own version.

NES Classic Edition fans may still opt to get the $60 mini NES Classic Editions as Amazon decided to put some of its limited stock online. On the contrary, fans may opt to build their own Linux-powered board encased sans the $60 price tag. Gamers may opt to use the Raspberry Pi along with freely available software. Watch the unboxing of the NES Classic in the video below:


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