‘Ride 2’ Gets New Free Bikes; World Tour Campaign With Competitive Driving; Game Mechanics Unpredictable

By Mia P. , Updated May 02, 2017 09:45 PM EDT

"Ride 2" gamers are getting a free DLC with two bikes. It is expected that the Free Bikes Pack 6 will enhance gaming as well as broaden gamers' collection. Square Enix has published the free "Ride 2" DLC on the Xbox Games Store.

Two New Bikes: Honda And Tuono

The "Rides 2" free DLC will be packing the sporty street fighter Honda CB650F featuring great agility and movement. The bike bears a 650cc engine and an 87 horsepower at 11,000 rpm. The bike has a 63 Nm maximum torque at 8000 rpm. It is expected that this will be useful for winding roads.

In addition, "Rides 2" gamers will also be getting the RSV 1000 Tuono with high-performance and extreme agility, The Xbox Hub reported. Note that the Tuono first made its debut back in 2002 featuring more street aspect than supersport RV Mille. The Tuono combine the Mille's main components as well as its extreme agility.

In other news, the multi-platform "Ride 2" first released in October 2016 as a moto-racer. The game was published in an attempt to give gamers "Forza"-like motor racers. However, while the game entails difficulty and skill curve, its reward system may be lacking.

"Ride 2" Has Some Points For Improvement.

"Ride 2" gamers may not always earn new vehicles at a satisfactory rate, Bleeding Cool reported. Moreover, the in-game economic system may also be restrictive. On the other hand, there are a number of bikes available to purchase and collect. In addition, the game also features an in-helmet camera.

"Ride 2" also features a world tour campaign that entails the gamer is a competent driver. However, with the difficult tracks, there is no hand-holding in "Ride 2." The game does not also come with a tutorial.

Gamers are prompted to just guess the controls or learn the game's mechanics by trial and error. Take note that there is a rewind mechanic in the game mapped to the left bumper. For breaking, gamers have two options that is to either use one of the four buttons found on the right hand controller or to use the left trigger. Note that the left trigger has a tough sensitivity. In the meantime, take a look at the two new bikes in the video below:

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