'Syberia III' Features, Gameplay & Storyline: Digital Deluxe Edition Launch, Debugging Controls, Audio, & Game Issues For Enhanced Game Experience

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 28, 2017 09:40 AM EDT

"Syberia III" is all braced up for providing an enhanced gaming experience to the game's community, which have continued to support and give feedbacks. With all the debugging processes, the sequel is now getting stronger as controls, audio and other game issues are undergoing series of works and reworks.

A recent update from Steampowered revealed a lot about "Syberia III". It is coming out with a Digital Deluxe Edition that is equipped with a digital standard game, soundtracks in mp3 format, digital comic books, and a digital wallpaper. Well, not only these because the enhanced game is being worked out to correct issues that include the small Russian and Chinese fonts, audio and material, among others.

It can be recalled that it was nearly five years ago that "Syberia III" had been introduced and it was only last year during the E3 that the third sequel was launched as reported by PCGamer. Finally, after 13 long years of waiting, Kate Walker, the game's protagonist has visited the gamer's world.

Looking in the inside of "Syberia III", Walker was carried by the flow of the river to the river's edge and she was saved by the Youkol nomadic people. This is where the story of the game started to unravel. Kate and the Youkol fight their enemies, while they faced difficult challenges along the way.

"Syberia III" emanates from the creative prowess of Benoit Sokal, the game's author and creator. The game offered an assortment of enchanting set and characters that include the Valsembor that hold them captive. For more news and update of the game's interesting adventure, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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