'Splatoon 2' Features, Gameplay and Maps: Nintendo Switch System Link Allows Local Multiplayer, Fresh Weapons For Warfare Launch

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 29, 2017 03:18 AM EDT

"Splatoon 2", a third-person shooter video game created and published by Nintendo for the Switch is getting ready for the big buzzing launch three months from now. It is expected that the many followers of the game are very excited to get hold of the game, which has been rumored not to get out. On the contrary, brace yourself because the squid-kid will get out soon.

In a report by Gamesradar, "Splatoon 2" is a follow up game to the Wii U version. They're back for the gamers, yes the squid - kid will be featured in combat set in the backdrop of a 4v4 color warfare. Of course, the gamers will take hold of the new weapons such as the Splat Dualies and the Splat Rollers. To know how these will operate, get hold of the game and try to maneuver the game.

Although still months away from the release, "Splatoon 2" uses Nintendo to drum up its launch and create more hype as announced by MYnintendonews. True indeed because Nintendo has released some info on the features of the game like the gameplay and the new map known as Starfish Mainstage. Meantime, the three characters, the Girl, Boy and the Squid will come out in new outfits and new power machine shields.

Looking deeply into the game's features, Nintendowire just recently released some highlights that the squid-kid inklings are played as a team sport. It runs by storing a set of gear and joined to an amiibo around the game hub. Additionally, the gamer can choose the type of gear to play on. The original game sets and gears cannot be missed in "Splatoon 2".

Well, now friends and gamers, the long wait is soon to be over. However for continuing update, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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