'Destiny 2' PC Gameplay To Be Showcased During Official Reveal This May

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 02, 2017 06:55 PM EDT

"Destiny" fans have most likely marked their May calendar for the official gameplay reveal of "Destiny 2". Gamers have looked forward to catching a glimpse of the shooter's gameplay ever since the sequel was official revealed last month. Surprisingly, Bungie has announced that they will showcase a hands-on event after the initial stream. PC gamers are also reportedly looking forward to official information regarding the PC version of the FPS.

Reports have confirmed that Bungie and Activision have already sent invites to some media and selected gamers for the hands-on event. Game Rant also notes that the communication confirmed that "Destiny 2" will be playable on the PC as well as the other platforms. It was also noted that the attendees are allowed to record footage are allowed to share them. However, there are speculations that surprises might be in store for fans of the sci-fi shooter during the reveal.

Sony has once again partnered with Activision to ensure that all "Destiny 2" trailers and marketing materials will feature a PS4 logo. Additionally, gamers on Sony's platform are treated to more exclusive content just like the original game. Fans are hoping to learn more about the sequel's new features and gameplay modes. Most gamers are curious to see the game run with high-textures and frame rate locked at 60fps on the PC.

The original game already impressed gamers despite being launched for older consoles and current gen platforms. Most analysts believe that Bungie has allowed the possibility of a better-looking game after they ceased development for the older platforms like the PS3 and Xbox 360. Fans are admittedly very curious to see "Destiny 2" run on the PC and its potential for mods and other visual enhancements in the future.

According to an article from Gamenguide, Phil Spencer from Microsoft has speculated that "Destiny 2" might be similar to "World of Warcraft" with its longevity and continuous updates. He predicts that gamers will still continue to play the shooter even after five to seven years. Gamers should already mark May 18, 2017 as Bungie and Activision will the first official gameplay trailer for the sequel on all platforms including the PC.

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