'Gravity Rush 2' Features, Gameplay & Platforms: Remastered On PS4, Unravels Three Unique Combat Mechanics, Stealth Action Requires Trial & Error

By Paige McClure , Updated May 07, 2017 09:31 AM EDT

"Gravity Rush 2" a unique adventure about defying the force of gravity is revealed for those who are earnestly waiting to get hold of the game. The game is remastered to be released on the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, there are three unique fighting mechanics that will go with the new release. However, there is a glitz in the stealth action that is to be played by trial and error.

According to a report by PlayStation, "Gravity Rush 2" will present the adventure of Kat as she faced her enemies with matchless combat strategies. Although, the gravity heroine does not know yet where she come from and the source of her gravity-defying power, she uses it to save the lost children. Well, she is confident because she has Raven at her side.

Moreover, in a report by Gamerant, "Gravity Rush 2" had been created originally for the PS Vita exclusive. Nonetheless, the limitations of the hardware have resulted in some problems of controlling the movement and powers of the heroine. Now, with the remastered game, Kat is provided with more gravity powers to be used in defeating the enemies.

"Gravity Rush 2" has levels that the game player can choose and explore as the game is being played. Well at times, the first level is difficult to control and it is up to the gamer to keep the game going by simply using the touchpad. As the game unfolds on its release date, more enemies will be revealed such as the soldiers using high powered guns and the giant robots.

"In Gravity Rush 2", Kat has Raven on her side who will be engaged in controlling the new enemies who will have to continue to fight the Nevi creatures of the game's predecessor. Now folks, to continue to get an update of the game, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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