'Code Vein' Trailer Showcases Gameplay & Combat

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 07, 2017 07:29 AM EDT

When Bandai Namco teased their new IP called "Code Vein" and described it as an action-RPG with "Dark Souls" elements, fans of the franchise obviously got excited. However, after the developer confirmed that the new game is not tied to the existing franchise, the overall interest reportedly went down. The company has shared a new trailer titled "Bloodlust" that reveals more about the game's graphics and overall gameplay.

The new trailer for "Code Vein" does show some elements and combat that is quite similar to "Dark Souls". Players battle powerful enemies and can also dodge their attacks and thrown in a few strikes just like the "Souls" games. Game Rant notes that the trailer does not really show how difficult the game will be. Fans have also noticed that the enemy's movements showcased in the video seem to emulate the "Dark Souls".

Instead of the Gothic horror art style which is a mainstay of the "Dark Souls" series, "Code Vein" uses a more anime approach to the art style and graphics. Moreover, the background setting of the game looks like a post-apocalyptic era unlike the medieval theme used by the "Souls" franchise. The game has observably great visuals even in its early state. It seamlessly mixes the anime character with the realistic backgrounds with great animation.

"Code Vein" is speculated to be an action-RPG that involves vampires and blends a little bit of "Dark Souls" flavor. Forbes also notes that the characters have built-in weapons that are integrated into their bodies. On the other hand, since the game is still in its early stages, the attacks do not seem to have some weight when it lands on the enemy. In comparison, the "Souls" series does a good job of portraying the impact animation.

Bandai Namco has not confirmed the platforms that will get "Code Vein" but it is expected to launch sometime in 2018. Speculations can only assume that the game will come out for home consoles like the Xbox One and PS4.

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